When I make something worth sharing, this is where I put it. It's far from everything, but most of the good stuff is here.

In addition to the technologies involved in the projects here, I have a decent amount of experience with Python and C, and have had some run-ins with C++ and Java. I'm also very comfortable with Linux, as I have been a full-time Linux (and sometimes Mac) user for six years.

I am currently enrolled in a computer science bachelor's programme at the Technical University of Berlin.

Work Experience

  • Jan 2023 - Jul 2023: Software Engineering Intern at Forget Finance
    I worked as a full-time intern on both the mobile client (React Native) as well as the back-end (Node, Express, Prisma, PostgreSQL, partner APIs) of an investment and long-term financial planning app. I built several mission critical and growth-driving features from the ground up, restructured and refactored large parts of the app and fixed many bugs.
  • Dec 2023 - Present: Software Engineering Working Student at Forget Finance
    I rejoined Forget Finance as a working student to once again do full-stack development work on a complete overhaul of the entire product, now working with Nest.js in the backend.

Open-Source Contributions

I only recently got into open source and am not very experienced, so this list is quite short. But I'm confident it will grow more quickly in the future!


rust-spice is the idiomatic Rust wrapper around CSPICE, "an observation geometry system for space science missions" created by NASA.

My contributions:

  • Add spkopn, spkw09, spkcls
    I added wrappers and tests for CSPICE functions required to write type 9 SPK segments.
  • Add feat. 'lock': Thread-safe API
    CSPICE itself is not thread safe, and concurrent calls to even simple functions can lead to UB. The PR adds an optional feature that provides an API that guarantees thread-safety using atomics and Rust's type system.


cspice-sys is the Rust crate that provides the raw FFI bindings to CSPICE functions.

My contribution:

Personal Projects

These are some of the standalone projects I worked on on my own time.


Lightweight, zero-dependency proxy-based "just works" reactivity library.

Tech used: TypeScript
Links: Github, npm


SPICE-integrated n-body trajectory propagation tool. A numerical integrator for the trajectories of astronomical objects and spacecraft.

Tech used: Rust, CSPICE
Links: Github


Tiny, Vue-inspired reactive view library. JSX and template support with a custom compiler, a basic VDOM implementation, respondix for reactivity, and no dependencies not written by me.

Tech used: TypeScript
Links: Github, npm, Usage example

MIPS Assembler

Basic web-based MIPS assembler/inspector

Tech used: TypeScript, React, Vitest
Links: Github, MIPS Assembler

Paid work

I actually got paid for this stuff! There are some other personal sites I've been comissioned to create over the years which I omit here, as they aren't representative of my skill level any longer, or very interesting technology wise. They use the same stack as this one and are similar in functionality.

FYD Console

Mobile targeted web app to learn TikTok dances

Tech used: TypeScript, Vue 3, SCSS, web scraping, serverless functions
Links: FYD Console, Github


Doodle-like poll and voting site. Working with two other developers and a designer, I was responsible for realizing design mockups and implementing certain features on the front end.

Tech used by me: TypeScript, Angular, SCSS
Links: VotyVote